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Leathercare Products


Complete Leathercare products are specifically formulated to maintain and enhance the durability of leather. Regular use of our kits will effectively remove day to day grime and apply a protective layer on the leather which will help to repel grime, stains and body oils. The unique additives in the kits will also help to reduce u.v. damage with high tech u.v. blockers and resist mould and germ build up with a sophisticated anti-microbial agent.

Leather is a strong durable surface which will give many years of good service. Today's modern tanneries apply complex coatings onto the leathers to increase their stain and wear resistance. The concept of good leather care is to maintain these coatings for as long as possible. When allowed to build up, grime, dust, body oils and food stains act to breakdown the tannery coatings accelerating the deterioration of the leather.

Our Product Range

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Large Kit
Small Kit
Automotive Kit
Large Kit
Small Kit
Automotive Kit
Tinted Cream
Ink Remover
Nubuck Kit
Tinted Cream Kit
Ink Remover Kit
Nubuck Kit
Heavy Cleaner
Leather Video CD
Heavy Cleaner Kit
Leather Maintenance  Video