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Leather Care and Repair Services


Complete Leathercare offers a range of leather cleaning, treatment and restoration services:

  • Professional cleaning and treatment services;
  • Quality repair of scratches, cuts, transport damage and rips;
  • Recolouring and refinishing of worn and faded areas, or the entire furniture or car interior;
  • Supply and colour match new leather for repair or recovering;
  • Inspections and assessment reports on leather condition, faults and deterioration.

Complete Leathercare has gathered together as a group some of the most experienced and professional leathercare experts and product sales people in Australia. The combined experience, knowledge and expertise of this team enables us to give the highest standard of leather care service and product knowledge in this country.

To enquire about any of our services, please email our head office, or contact an agent near you.


Sometimes, due to busy lifestyles, accidents, general wear and tear or insufficient maintenance, your prized leather no longer responds to basic care and looks tired and worn. Complete Leathercare can restore your leather from tired and worn to looking new.

Cleaning and Treatment

Complete Leathercare offers a professional cleaning and treatment service, which is carried out on site, removes all possible soil and grime build up and adds our unique protection cream to enhance the look, feel and performance of your leather.

Automotive Care

The use of automotive upholstery is sky rocketing with more and more auto manufacturers offering leather as the interior standard. These specialised leathers perform in a very hostile environment with the temperature of auto interiors reaching 60 degrees C. This coupled with high traffic rates on the seats causes the majority of leather interiors to show signs of wear and tear.

Complete Leathercare can expertly clean, repair and restore leather auto interiors to standards which satisfy the most fastidious of owners. Whether it be a standard, luxury or collectors model, Complete Leathercare has a service which can be beneficial to you.

We also provide Assessment Reports on your leather products.

To enquire about any of our Leather care, treatment and restoration services, please email our head office, or contact an agent near you.