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About Us


Who Are We?

Our factoryComplete Leathercare® is a company based in Melbourne, Australia which specialises in quality care and treatment of leather coverings on furniture, in cars, boats and planes. Recent steady expansion has seen Complete Leathercare® being established in most capital cities and regions throughout Australia. At Carrum Downs we have the largest and most modern leather care facility in Australia. In this factory, in addition to comprehensive leather restoration, repairs and production, ongoing development work is carried out on leather care products and restoration techniques to ensure Complete Leathercare® remains at the forefront in its field.

What Makes Our Products Unique?

Leather protectors are developed to protect leather surfaces and keep them looking good. Complete Leathercare® protectors not only give leathers the best protection and preserve their appearance but create a safer, healthier home and working environment. Potential harmful germs, bacteria, mould and dust mites find it hard to survive on leathers treated with Complete Leathercare® protection cream. Allergy sufferers will notice and appreciate the change in their environment.

How do Complete Leathercare Protectors differ from all the rest?

Complete Leathercare® protectors have exclusively, a unique additive called Bio-Defence, which once applied has the following important benefits:

  • Anti-microbial properties for a healthier sitting surface, effectively kills mould and bacteria (university tested) on contact. This is safely achieved in a non toxic formulation containing no pesticides or heavy metals.

  • UV-inhibiting properties act to slow down the rate of colour fade and increase leather's finish strength against the suns damaging rays - a known cause of dye, fibre and finish breakdown on leathers.

  • Stain release properties allows stains to be removed more readily.